CM Punk
CM Punk
Greeting the fans
Vital statistics
Position Former Wrestler
Age 35
Physical attributes
Height 6.2
Weight 218 (99 Kg)
Alias/Nicknames BEST IN THE WORLD
Allies: Daniel Bryan

John Cena

AJ Lee

Enemies: Kane
Family: Unknown
Likes: AJ Lee

WWE Championship




Dislikes Unknown
Debut Here Comes the koopa bros!
 Phillip Jack "Phil" Brooks (Born October 26,1978) better known by his ring name CM Punk, is an American former Professional Wrestler. He is currently signed to WWE, but abruptly left the company on January 27, 2014. He is titled in the company as "the longest-reigning WWE Champion of the modern era", having held the title for 434 days from November 20,2011 to Janury 27,2013. Punk is officially recognized as the sixth-Longest Reigning champion of all time.


In Here comes the koopa bros! CM Punk Greeted the fans before telling them about the Show Changing to RATED E to RATED K+ before saying I'm the Best in the world CM Punk,see ya! showing his logo.


  • BITW
    The is so far Punk's Only appearance since WWE Royal Rumble.
  • This Mark the First Ever Time A Guest appearance in the show.