Chichi angry looking
Vital statistics
Position supporting chararcter
Age 57
Physical attributes
Height 5.7
Weight Unknown
Alias/Nicknames Mean lady [Kirby]

Old cranky lady [Luigi] Chi [Mario]

Allies: Mario

Luigi[Sometimes] Toad Sonic Peach

Enemies: Luigi[Sometimes]

Bowser Tatanga Bessie

Family: Goku[Husband]

Gohan[Son] Goten[Son] Pan[Granddather

Likes: Cooking,quite and peace
Dislikes Unknown
Debut Unknown

Role in the showEdit

Chichi's role is the mentor of the heroes  she is a bossy mentor and trains them to hard.


Chichi is short temped,Mean,and somewhat bossy,she hates just about anyone who judge her or miss with goku,She hates candy,and doesn't like freeloaders,she dislikes anything that miss with her,and hates loud thing,like fighting,and training


 Chichi's galleryEdit

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  • Chichi is the second female to appear in the show the first is pan.
  • Chichi can't use her swords when in the mushroom kingdom castle,because it's againist the rules.
  • Chichi seems to go crazy angry in Chichi's angry!.
  • For some reason in Chichi's angry! there was a needle on her leg,it could have been a crazy needle that maded her go super angry.
  • Goku actually got slapped by chichi.
  • Toad and chichi have equal intelligence.
  • Chichi was once a waiter in a resturant reveal in Bow and tangle.
  • Chichi has a resturant called chichi's resturant.