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Goku is a Fighter



Passive:If goku's health is low he turns kioken x2

Power MovesEdit

Ki Blast

Ki Blast

Ki BlastEdit

Goku fires ki blasts while rotating in a circle,this has a 5 - 8 second cooldown

Instant TransmissionEdit

Instant transmission

Instant transmission

Uses his skill to teleport up to 8 feet away,can also uses the kamehameha with this power. 15 - 30 Second Cooldown

Wave PushEdit

Goku Move 2

Wave Push

KNOCKS BACK nearby enemies and has a 25% Chance of turning kioken X2

9 - 13 Second Cooldown


Goku Move 1


Goku uses his signature move,it has a strong power skill 

20 - 25 Second Cooldown

Super SaiyanEdit

Goku Move 3

Super Saiyan

Using his ult he turns into a stronger,faster opponent,the effect of turning super saiyan has a KNOCK BACK,this last for the next 22 Seconds. 30 - 64 second cooldown

Super Saiyan ProfileEdit

Health:(if use ult at level one) 1,000


Passive:When health is getting low he STUNS and BLINDS all nearby enemies with a solar flare.

Super Saiyan Power MovesEdit

Super KamehamehaEdit

Goku Move 1


Same has his nomal one but this is abit stronger. 20 - 25 second cooldown

Superman PunchEdit

Superman pnch

Goku's punch

Leaps up in the air and punches opponent it STUNS. 

7 - 10 Sec Cooldown

Super Saiyan move 2

Dragon Fist

Dragon FistEdit

Makes a strong punch that summons a long dragon it will fly across the arena,any ally (Incudling minions) will be healed. 20 - 40 sec Cooldown

Goku about to end bowser with a dropkick

Flying Kick

Flying KickEdit

Jumps up and kicks opponent in midair. 7 - 11 sec Cooldown

Spirit BombEdit

Super Saiyan move 3

Spirit Bomb

Goku Throws down a giant ball of energy,it reduces armor. 50 - 90 Sec Cooldown


  • Saiyan Goku (Cost 1,000) With Saiyan armor,goku armor boost up to 15%.
  • Half Beatin super saiyan (Cost 1,115) After being unjured in a battle his attack damage is a 10% Boost
  • Space Armor goku (Cost  750) His light armor boost his speed to 3%.


Goku model 2

Normal Model

Super Saiyan model 2

Super Saiyan Model

Goku Model

Previous Model