Goten is an supporting chararcter and an heroes for his age,Goten is Gohan's little brother and youngest son to goku and son to chichi.

Appearance Edit

Goten's artwork
Vital statistics
Position Goku's son
Age 8
Physical attributes
Height 4.8
Weight 76 Pounds
Alias/Nicknames Gotrunks [Fusion]

Tiny [Wario]

Carlone [Middle name]

Allies: Gohan [Brother]



Captain Toad

Trunks [Best friends]

Bowser jr




Enemies: Bowser


Meta knight

Family: Chichi [Mother]

Goku [Father]

Gohan [Brother]]

Pan [Future niece]

Likes: Hanging with trunks

Messing with gohan

Not getting in touble

Messing with goku

Playing with goku

Playing with toad,goku,and trunks

Dislikes Unknown
Debut How to build a house

Goten wears orange clothes like his father orange shirt and orange pants like he's father use to wear,And blue wrist band and Blue fighting belt and orange pants.


Goten is childish annoying,goten has an fear of the dark,Goten is shown to be very unintelliant,I he is very social.

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Triva Edit

  • Goten is the second child to appear in the show,first is Kirby
  • His full name is Goten Carlone Son.
  • In "Wario attacks he almost made a proof of wario attacking the mushroom kingdom castle.
  • In Pie bros he made a major role.