[The episode begins with goku in bed asleep then after five seconds later the alarm clock ranged goku wakes up and looks out the window].

Goku:Good moring beautyful galaxy[Sniffing]I wonder of someone is cooking?[Walks out the room and rans to luigi's room]Good moring luigi!


[Toad walks to goku].

Toad:Good moring goku!

Goku:Good moring toad.

Toad:Wait i'm forgeting something[Thinking]Oh yeah brush my teeth!

Goku:Oh men i almost forgot!

[Goku and toad run back while luigi still trying to get up]

Luigi:[Falls out of bed]Men i hate mondays!

Goku:[Walks back outside of his room]Done.

Toad:[walks out of his room too]Me too!

Goku:Oh yeah dress up!

Toad:We're forgetting everything.

Luigi:I'm out

Toad:Luigi brush your brush and get dressed!


[All rans but luigi to their room].

Luigi:[Brushes slowly]And spit[Spits]And mouth wash[Gargles then spit]done.

Goku:[From his room]Now dress up!

Luigi:Fine i hate my life!

Toad:That's what bad guys would say!

Luigi:Cruse you goku and toad!

Goku:I know you don't mean that!

[The screen Shows 12 minutes later].

Toad:Men was it that hard for you to change clothes.

Luigi:Okay let's Go down stair and eat!


Toad:[Looks down the stairs]How many stairs are their?

Goku:A thousand a think!

Toad:It can't be that many,maybe sevendy-four.


Luigi:Oh forget this,[Pushes toad]Now to push you down stairs[Trys to pushes goku but can't]never mean just go down stairs.

Goku:Ok[instant transmissions].

Toad:[Stop falling down stairs]How did you get down here faster than me!

Goku:A Move called instant transmission.


Luigi:[Flying down stairs slowy from the raccoon transformain]WEEEEEE!

Goku:bout time.

Toad:Is everyone doing a special technice but me?

Goku:Guess so.

Chichi:[Comes from the other room]Oh good your all awake,time for breakfast.

Goku:Yeah time to eat!

[Few seconds later they all eat breakfast with goku stuffing a thousand tons of food in his mouth].

Toad:Wow tons of food.

Chichi:Well i can cook,but no kingwindbag want me to relax.

Toad:[Thinking]I'm thinking[A light bulb appears on top of toad's head]I got a plan[Luigi grabs the bulb and eats it]That's unhuman to eat Solid matter.

Luigi:[Chewing on the bulb]Mmm chunky.

[Goku and chichi stare at each other]

Chichi:If there's blood drooping from him i i am so cleaning that.

Goku:That's gross.

Toad:I got another plan,Let's build a house so chichi can do work,goku can eat better food and Luigi can sleep all he want.

Goku:Wait,doesn't he have his own room  in mario's house?

Toad:Yeah but He can sleep in two house if he want.


Goten:Cool idea.

Pan:Awesome idea finally i can get my own room design instead of having a blue room.

Gohan:Like the idea,and maybe this is a bad  idea.

Goku:Bad idea?

Gohan:Yeah we're living in a castle it's so cool.

Chichi:I want to de something better than just sleeping and eattting like goku.

'Luig'i:Let's start building,chichi get the paint and wood and bricks.

Chichi:We don't have any of that.

Goku:Buy some.

Chichi:Okay[Grabs her jacket and leaves]Bye!


Toad:Nice Job.

[Later at toad depot].

Chichi:[Mumbling]Ohh,some pink paint[Sees sonic and amy]Hey sonic and amy.

Army:Ha!Chi chi,[Looks at sonic]Say ha!


Chichi:So What are you doing here?

Army:Oh just getting paint for my room,Right sonic.


Army:[Looks at some paint]I like this color.

Sonic:[Whispers]She made me Come here,she put a collar on my angle ,on if i'm ten feet away from her it will shock me.

Army:[Drags sonic by the leg]Come on sonic.

Sonic:[Being dragged away]Help mee!

Chichi:[Stares]That was awkward[Wario walks pass chichi and bumps her]Hey i'm trying to Stare here buddy!

[Back at the mushroom kingdom castle and the heroes are thrown out of the castle by guards].

Goku:So this is weird.

Gohan:Worst king ever.

Kingwindbag:Well you should bow when i come.

Peach:Dad are you really going to Kick them out of the castle.


Toad warrior:Sorry guys.

Pan:Just because we didn't bow.

Luigi:oh well,back to mario's house.


Goku:Men that guy is crazy.

[Chichi enter's].

Chichi:Hey everyone,Why are you all outside?

Gohan:Because kingwindbag kicked us out because we didn't bow to him.


Goku:Yeah weird.

Chichi:Let's find a place to build it!

[The screen says 20 minutes later]

Chichi:Okay so where should we put it?

Goten:Maybe next to bumla's and amy's house.



Chichi:Because i said so,Don't talk back!

Pan:There are five spaces left on this street.

Goku:Oh,the one next to mario's and kirby's house.

Luigi:All vote say i!



Toad:I,I may stay just for tonight.




Chichi:Good,Seven out of seven.

Mario:[Walks out of his house]Hey everyone,Goku why are you hold a ton of wood and bricks?

Goku:We're about to build a house.

Mario:Cool,mind if i help?

Chichi:Sure,We want to build it today.

Luigi:Turn on the working at the summer time music.

[Gohan turn on Phineas and ferb summer time song'].

Goku:Nice music.

[The screen shows them all working the kids painting and the adults are build the screen also shows the screen 3 hours later].

Mario:Men that was a lot of work a hope nothing bad happen to this.

[The screen shows somewhere]

??:So they think they can stop me!

??:Papa quit that we're the koopa family!

Bowser:[Gets angry]OOHH you always do that! jr!

Bowser jr:Let's destroy that house over there!

Iggy:You mean mario's house!

Wendy:So stupid,he mean that new house that there building.

Roy:Let's crash that house!

Iggy:Hold it we need more ship our ship can get destroy by the heroes easily!

Bowser:Who said we wasn't perpared for this[the screen show a group of other airship]Ha-ha

Bowser jr:Wow

Iggy:I'm confused.

Bowser:Don't be,soon after i destroy their Pickable house and crash Or destroy it it will be nothing whaha-!

Captain koopa:[Enters the main control room]Sir we are ready to attack on your command!

Bowser:Really you interuppt me when i'm laughing?

Captain koopa:Sorry master bowser.

Roy:kill him!

Wendy:Roy you your so violent,all of the time[The computer next to bowser shows pan move a chair to the table]Almost like that stupid pan,What an ugly girl,and she's a thousand time,least prettier than me!

Iggy:What ever!

Bowser jr:Just shut up!

Wendy:Let's break their house already and maybe this whole nieghborhood!

Bowser:[Grabs a mircophone],Attention Humans and toads!We are about to destroy you all!


Luigi:You can't all beat us!

Goten:Dude there are 12 ships!

Gohan:This might be problem!

Bowser:Now press the big green button bowser jr!


Goten:Guys i think i have a plan!

Bowser jr:I got It[Press the button,the button begins blinking].


[A valley of bullet bills shoots everywhere].

Chichi:Watch out!

Goten:[Runs around in a circle]AAAAAH!

Gohan:[Flys to a bullet]In your face bows,[The bullet bill explodes in gohan's face]Ow!

Goku:[Flys to a rope and climbs on the ladder]Goten,stop runinning and help your father!

Goten:Yes sir![Flys behind the main ship]

Goku:[Gets to the Top of the ladder]Alright now where's bowser?

Bowser:Right here![Walks down the the stairs]You maked it to my ship well who said we couldn't have a fight?!

Goku:[About to fight]Glad to[Flys to bowser].

Bowser:Oh please[Grabs goku by his boot]Too easy[Slams goku to floor goku body slides to goten].

Goten:Sup dad.

Goku:Goten,fire a kamehameha! at bowser!


Bowser:[With ludwig next to him]Ludwig,fire a mega fireball at goku and don't try to shoot bowser jr like last time.

Ludwig:Easy as a video game!

Goku:[Runs to bowser and trys to super kick him but bowser catch his foot]Let go!

Bowser:Really try to kick me?

Goku:GGRR[Kicks bowser with his other foot]!

Bowser:Ow,Smart move[Bowser jump and perpears the bowser bomb]

Goku:Oh no!

Ludwig:[Charges up the mega fireball]AAAH!

Goten:[Charges up the kamehameha] AAAH! 

Ludwig:[Powers down]Wait a minute,Who you,are you?

Goten:[Powers down]Who the heck are you?

Ludwig:I'm ludwig van koopa,Bowser's Elder son!

Goten:Nice to meet you Ludwig,I'm Goten son Goku's Youngest son!

Ludwig:Well Goten one of us are going to Sneak attack the other's dad!

Goten:And it's not going to be-.

Ludwig:[Flips goten out of the airship]Easy as beating up roy!

Goten:[Falling from the airship]NO FAAAIIRRR!

Ludwig:[Watches goten fall]Moron,and now to charge up the mega fireball.

Goku:[Goku punchs bowser then bowser kicks goku to the floor]OW!

Bowser:[Breath a fireballs at goku]

Goku:[Flips dodge the fireballs]I seen that move tons of times.

Bowser:Nice moves but[Chokeslams goku]I'm smartier.

Goku:[Knocked out]UUH!

Bowser:Now ludwig!

Ludwig:As you wish[Gets pulled off the airship]AAHH!

Goten:In your face!

Ludwig:[Floats in the air]HA!

Goten:You can fly?

Ludwig:It runs in the family!

Goten:I'll stop you!

Ludwig:[Charges a mega fireball while in the air]MEGA FIREBALLL![Fires the mega fire ball].

Goku:Oh no!

Bowser[Pushes goku]Enjoy being destroyed![Goku trips him]Ah![Gets up while looking at Goku]Why you little?[Looks at the fireball toward him]OH Carp![The fireball hits him]I feel Dizzy![Gokudrop kicks him]RROOOAARR!

Goku:So tired[Falls out]

Ludwig:I am So grounded![Flys away]

Goten:Dad!Are you okay?

Goku:Well i'm a little injured but other than that i'm fine!

Goten:Oh thank goodness,i thought we had to take you to the host!

Captain koopa:There are them! GET them![Three hammer bros chase runs toward them].

Goku:Uh oh![Grabs goten and Jumps out of the airship].

Hammer bros#1:I almost got him!

Hammer bro#2:[Throw a hammer]Men missed!

Hammer bro#3:We'll maybe get him next time!


Bowser jr:[Growls]I hate those guys

Goku:[Put goten down slowly]There you go.

Goten:Thanks for saving me!

Goku:Your welcome!

Chichi:[Runs to the them]Are you okay?Goten are you okay[Looks at goku's black eye then goku smiles]What happen?

Goku:It's a long story where i got these black eye,Where are luigi and toad?

[A screaming noise is heard they looked and luigi and toad just jump from a exploded ship].



Toad:AAAAAAAH[Grabs his hat Tight and use it as a parachute].

Luigi:Oh,that better!

Toad:By my Stats we will be on the ground in about[Touches the ground]Now!

Luigi:[Kisses the ground]I never want to be in air ever again!

Toad:[Points at goku's black eye]Goku,Your!

Goku:I Know!

Chichi:I wonder what another villain will attack soon.

[The scene change to a lab with no lights on and electric chacking

Vegeta:Finally we can have wifi i here

Furture trunks:It's the the end of show.


Kid trunks:Yeah end of the show

Vegeta:Curse you-.

[Episode ends].