[The scene shows an front view of the Son family's house the sun rises into a window shows chichi's room the son wakes her up]

Chichi:[Gets up slowy looks at a sleeping goku on the floor gets her slippers on walks to the window looks out smiles,pick up goku put him on the bed] Good moring honey [Kisses him on the forehead walks out the room]

[The scene show gohan upside down on his bed with goten laying on top of him].

Chichi:[Walks into gohan's room] Good morning boys!

Gohan:[Without opening his eyes]Good [Rolls out the bed] morn [Snores]

[Chichi walks down stairs,Starts cooking food]

Chichi:This might be a perfect day.

[Chichi turns around,goku is at the table ready to eat]

Chichi:Well your up.

Goku:What are you cooking?

Chichi:You know the usual,Pancakes,Waffles,Eggs,Bacon,Fruit.


Chichi:It well be done in a few second.


[Chichi hands goku his food]

Goku:Cool [Eats his food in seconds].

Chichi:[Chuckles] Would you like some more?

Goku:Yes please!

Chichi:Ok [Hands him another plate]

Goku:[Eats that in seconds].


Goku:Nah,I had enough.

[Walks out the door].

Chichi:Well that's the first time goku didn't devour well of the food.

[To be Edited