Kid trunksEdit

Kid Trunks
Kid trunks
Trunks in the series controling a enegry ball
Vital statistics
Position Son of Vegeta
Age 9
Physical attributes
Height 4.7
Weight 78 pounds
Alias/Nicknames My brat Vegeta

Trunk Goten

Tarlenes Toad

Allies: Goten [Best friend]

Furture trunks [Furture self]




Enemies: Vegeta [Father]

Bowser jr

Family: Vegeta [Father]

Bulma [Mother]

Furture trunks [Furture self]

Likes: Cookies

Not being choked

Saving the world


Playing with goten

Dislikes Unknown
Debut The begin

Kid trunks is a 8 year old child and son to Vegeta kid trunks is a major chararcter.

Role in the showEdit

kid trunks is a helper to vegeta and with his future self.


Kid trunks wears a gray fighting gear and red belt and wrist band,kid trunks also has orange boots and purple hair like his His mom.


Kid trunks is a laughing gag of the show,kid trunks to seen to be childish immature,His farther seem to be impressed to him,Kid is mostly seen having candy in his mouth,Kid trunks's favorite subject in school is gym class,Kid trunks is not a very good speller as well as not listening to vegeta,trunks is also can listen to just anyone but his annoying dad vegetal,kid trunks can also be a little annoying and a bit subbish


In The begin he was with vegeta in possibly bulma's lab being furture trunks to the persent,in The night of the living bowser he with furture trunks and vegeta planing to name their team


Coming soon.


  • Kid is the second laughing gag chararcter to appear in the show the first being Luigi.
  • Kid trunks is the third kid to appear in the show the first bring Junior  the second bring goten.
  • Trunks pretends to have a short attention span towards vegeta.
  • In the Neative fighters he is the second shortest,Fouth fastest,Second weakest,and the dumbest member.
  • Trunks's wear a similar clothes to goku's clothes. 
  • Trunks and vegeta choking gag could be a rerefence to The simpsons Homer and bart.