[Bowser is in a white room with his minions].

Bowser:Alright men stand up,pose!

[Koopa,goombas,goku,bowser jr,and general goomba are in a salute postion].

Bowser:The super heroes are getting one step ahead of us,But!,We can be another step ahead!

Bowser jr:Huh?

Bowser:We're going to steal item from them!

Bowser jr:Oh [Laughs] Okay!

Bowser:[To a koopa] First your going to get the shadow's green emerald [Kicks the koopa off-screen] And your going to steal a one of the hero's Equip,[Whrispers to the goomba] link and kirby are fine,Now go! [Throws goomba into the background],Ok now for you.

[Bowser walks to bowser jr]

Bowser jr:What you have for me papa?

Bowser:I need you to find and capture luigi![Picks junior up and walks him to his clown car].

Bowser jr:Really?

Bowser:His a major threat,so i need some threats out off my back.

Bowser jr:[Flys away] Awwww.

Bowser:And you can find the star raid in princess P's castle underground!now start digging! [Hands the pararchute koopa a shovel],And-.

Goku:[Looks at him in a his happy face].

Bowser:What are you doing here?

Goku:I Don't know,sir!

Bowser:You don't have to yell.

Goku:Sorry....So what task you have for me sir?

Bowser:Your doing to get me some coffee [Hands goku 10 dollars and a few cent] and here's something for yourself [Hands goku 5 dollars].

Goku:I will do my best![Flys away].

General goomba:What about me?

Bowser:Your going to find me find me every single dragon ball! [Puts a jetpack on general goomba and hands him a sactor] Good luck! [General goomba flys away] Everything is going perfe-.

[Koopa is being chase by an angry shadow].

Shadow:Come back here you amphibian!

Koopa:AAHHH,i was just doing orders!

Bowser:Well plan #1 fail-

[Goomba runs past bowser,link jump on-screen and starts throwing arrows at goomba].

Link:This is for trying to steal my sword!

[A damaged clown car is slow crash down bowser jr is landing safely on a pararchute].

Bowser jr:Sorry,luigi and mario was double-teaming me!

[Pararchute koopa is flying away from the ground].


[A dart hits and paralyzes the koopa].

Toad Guard:No trespassing![Handcuffs the koopa and takes him away]

[General goomba is running around on fire].

General goomba:AAAh,I'm on fire!

[Bowser gets frustrated].

Goku:I got the coffee![Hands bowser his coffee]

Bowser:Well at least one thing worked.[Takes a slurp from his coffee].

[The scene shows a further view of what's happening].

[Clip ends].