Ludwig Koopa
Ludwig von koopa art v3
Vital statistics
Position The Oldest Koopaling
Age 18
Physical attributes
Height 5.4
Weight  ???
Alias/Nicknames Kooky
Allies: Koopalings


Bowser Jr



Enemies: Mario



Family: Bowser [Father]

Bowser Jr [Younger brother]

Koopalings [Siblings]

Likes: Magic
Dislikes Unknown
Debut Unknown
Ludwig Von Koopa is the Elder and leader of the Koopalings. Whose name & Hairstyle are derived from famous German composer Ludwig van beethoven. He enjoys composing symphonies and known as a somewhat inventor. Being the Eldest, he displays great skill. 

Physical DescriptionEdit

Ludwig has a green head. He also wears two pairs of handcuffs, a blue wig-like mohawk, and dark blue eyelashes. He has a single, sharp tooth, and wears a blue shell with orange rings surrounding the spikes.


As the elder he is mature.

Ludwig's Powers & AblitiesEdit

Magic Wand: like many other koopalings, Ludwig can shoot magical blue flames out of his wand

Flutter Jump: Ludwig can use his light weight to flutter around the arena.

Clone: Unlike the Koopalings Ludwig can clone himself into three.


  • In both Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, Ludwig had white hair instead of blue hair, due to graphical limitations at the time. Additionally, in Super Mario World, Ludwig had a yellow shell.