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This Article is for luigi in a MOBA game,for the character click [Here 1]

Stats Edit



Attack Damage:Low mid

Power Damage:Medium

Attack Name:Punch Punch

Powers Edit

Luigi Move 1
Luigi Move 2

Muti Punch Edit

Luigi dashes,punches enemies in a humorous way,reduces 15% of armor.

Luigi Missile Edit

He Charges flies head first in a enemy,it will also drag a fighter (If in front of) or push away by the air shockwave (If near)

Lighting Edit


Luigi shoots out lighting from his hand it stuns and electrocutes enemies.

Death Scare Edit

Give opponents an evil look,it will FEAR them.

Death scare

Ulitmate: Elemental medals Edit

Poltguster 300

Luigi pulls out his poltguster 3000,it was 3 attacks,water does damage,fire burns,and ice freezes.

Costumes Edit

  • Mr.L (Cost 1,000) - Run circles around enemies with this costume give you a 10% more speed!
  • Cat Luigi (Cost 1,500) - This cat suit changes your punches to claws! and this death scare STUNs!

Gallery Edit

Cat suit luigi




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