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Mario is a fighter

Role:Ninja and Jinxer


Passive:After a power next basic attack he does a critical spin attack.

Attack Damage: Medium

Power Damage:High

Power MovesEdit

Mario SlideEdit

Mario Move1

Mario slides head-first and TRIPS and STUNS enemies.

it has a 7-10 second cooldown.

Flying Spin Fire AttackEdit

Spins around while taking mid-air shooting fireballs

it has a 10-13 second cooldown.

Mario Move 2

Mario FinaleEdit

He Throws out a giant growing fireball that gets bigger and bigger as it travels and it has a 40 - 70 second cooldown.

Mario Move 3

Mario's finale and biggest attack


  • Dr.Mario (Cost 1,500 coins) - Instead of the mario slide he throws a giant medicine that POISONs any enemies that gets hit by it for the next 3 seconds.
  • Ice Mario (Cost 1,000 Golds) mario's ice mid-air spin attack will SLOW down opponents.



  • The Ice mario can be a good use if one is running away and uses the ice spin attack to slow down his/her's opponnet.