[The scene begins with bowser walking and shoots fireballs at nowhere].

Kingwindbag:Finally someone i can talk to![Shoots more fireballs]Whahaha!

Kingwindbag:Here is the only villain capable of defeating the mushroom.

Bowser:I didn't ask you to walk with me!Or your planing a way for mario to just jump out and attacks isn't it?


Bowser:[Getting more angier]YOU'RE LIEING!

Kingwindbag:No i'm not!


Kingwindbag:Stop telling me to stop yelling!

Bowser:[Picks up him]You have one more second to tell me why are you following me or i'm going to!



Kingwindbag:I'm interviewing you because i lost a bet with princess peach,i can't stop until i get the main people here!

Bowser:[Put him down]Very well,but cross me again and i'll!

Kingwindbag:Thank you!i won't cross you!

Bowser:[Walks]Now interview me!

Kingwindbag:Yes uhh,Here is the only one capable of defeating the mushroom fighters,the one and only!

Bowser:[Gets tackledby goku]Ow.

Goku:[Blows a rasberry at kingwindbag]Ha![Instant transmission to disappear].

Bowser:That's it i'm going a!

Kingwindbag:No wait that wasn't me![Bowser slams into the camra causing an error].

[Clips ends].