[The clip begins with kingwindbag walking somewhere searching for someone to interview].

Kingwindbag:Oh come on!whereis everybody?

Chichi:[On the phone]Ha!goku said watch out for kingwindbag!he is trying to interview everybody!

Kingwindbag:[Runs to chichi]Finally someone here[Clears throat]Here is chichi is world's meanest lady of them all!

Chichi:[Notices him]Hey you can't just interview someone without asking![Strays her hair]Besides get my good side!

Kingwindbag:Lady i don't have time for you getting your sides!

Chichi:Then what you want?

Kingwindbag:I want to interview you!

Chichi:Wait i minute!your interviewing me?


Chichi:I knew i should have trusted goku on this!

Kingwindbag:Whatever,[Sees her grabbing a sword]Wait what are you doing with that sword!

Chichi:[Run toward him]AAAHH

[Clip ends].