[The clip begins with toad daydreaming about having an award for best inventor of the year].

Kingwindbag:Meet toad the only repondsable team mate of the mushroom fighters,Hey Stupid!

Toad:[Gets he's attention]Yes sir.

Kingwindbag:I'm interviewing you.


Toadette:[Comes from no where]He said he was interviewing you. 

Toad:For what?

Toadtte:For him Getting in a bet with princess peach!

Kingwindbag:Don't tell him that my own dather beat me in a bet to ont of us Interviewing The heroes and main chararcters of this stupid.

Toad:What you have to interview us?


Toadtte:Maybe because that was the bet.

Toad:The bet wow i can't belielive that you losted a bet to your dather!

Toadtte:Yeah! it's funny though.

Kingwindbag:AH,forget them i'll do chichi's interview next,she's more mature!

[Clip ends].