Nintendo Legends (Also Known as NL) is a MOBA Game (Mutiplayer Online Battle Arena) it was launched on September 28,2014,this game is based on Jericho roundtree's series The Mushroom Fighters.


On The Mushroom Fighters wiki marioandgoku (Jericho) said on a blog that a MOBA game is on the works. Gameplay is Just like other MOBA games,such as Adventure Time: Battle party,Leaque of Legends,and also Dota 2,The player and his/her's teammates take down another team's base or by the most points at the end of the game (Matches can also be no time limit),player can customize his/her's backpack they buying seperate item from a backpack,matches are PVP,players vs bots,and 2 bots, 1 player and 3 bots.

Playable Characters

There are currently 17 Characters in the game.

Chararcter Artworks

Role Icons




  • This is the first 3D Game for the mushroom fighters.