Pan is a major chararcter she appears in quite alot of episode she is granddather of Goku.


Pan son
Pan's artwork in The series
Vital statistics
Position Gohan future Daughter
Age 11
Physical attributes
Height 4.11
Weight 76 Pounds
Alias/Nicknames Pandy Luigi

Panny Goku

Frying pan [Various people]

Allies: Goku [Grandfather]

Mario [Secret crush]



Jericho roundtree

Enemies: Bowser



Family: Gohan [Father]

Goku [Grandpa]

Gohan [Niece]

Chichi [Grandma]

Likes: Television

Hosting their show with toad


Watching goku and gohan train


Dislikes Unknown
Debut How to build a house

Pan has a short red and yellow tan shirt and a belt with a red ruby on it,Pan is mostly seen wearing blue gloves with finger holes on them,Pan has a orange cap on and she is rarely seen without it if she is she was long black going down to her waste,Pan also has purple boots.


Pan is short-temper,And sometimes bossy,Pan is only eleven and she is on the seven grade,Pan is also a four time spelling bee champion, Pan Is sure that she cooks sometimes,He finds toad very friendly,they both like hosting,she is very nice if you don't get on her bad side.




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  • Pan is the third female to appear in the show the first begin chichi the second being Peach.
  • In It's not easy being chichi! it will reveal how pan and luigi's rivalry starts is revealed.
  • Pan loves corn dogs.
  • Pan hates luigi.
  • The reason pan is 11 is she was born when Gohan was 18 then she and goku was going to vist planet namek then goku accidently send both of them to a worm hole where goku turn a 2 years older and pan turned 9.
  • Pan is in the seventh grade.
  • Pan did something about last year's gohan's birthday about a underwear thing.