[with goten drawing on paper with crayons].

Goten:And some of this and that!

Pan:What are you doing?

Goten:Just drawing a picture for my best bro in the world for his birthday!

Pan:[Looks at picture that goten is drawing]I don't think my dad would like a drawing for his birthday!

Goten:Well i don't judge you about last year you give to my brother!

[The scene goes to a flashback of a giant robot attacking the mushroom city,Gohan stares at pan and pan smiles nerviously,then the scene goes back to the living room].

Pan:So what if i stole a evil giant robot from dr.eggman!

Goten:Well you should be mad at your self!


Goten:And the year before that-!

Pan:[Putting her hand on goten's mouth]Nobody wants to hear about the underwear thing!

Goten:[Trying to take pan's hand from his mouth]Mmm,HMmm!

Pan:[Let's go of goten's mouth]Okay now to go shopping with grandma![Runs out of goten's room to the living room to the door]Grandma!,I'm ready to go![Gets in the car with chichi]

[Gohan walks into goten's room].

Gohan:Wat's up goten!

Goten:[Hiding his picture from gohan]Oh just........thing about what to give you for your birthday!

[Goten smiles at gohan ackwardly gohan looks at goten confused] i was thing a special  someone would give me a excellent prize[Thinking about a video game present].

Goten:YEAH! i'm going  give you the best present you'll ever have since you was born.

Gohan:That's Great Bye now![Walks away].

Goten:[Looks at the picture sadly]Well i guess he might end up with no persent[Sigh]no i will give him an awesome persent i swear.[Fly toward the window and hits the window slide down slowy].

Goten:[Muffled]That would have been better if the window was open.

[Goten is at a bike shop as an employee].

Goten:Okay sir i'll just[Put his hand up and a ki ball shoot everywhere and destroys a row of bike]Opps.

[The manger takes goten's employee card and ribs it then points to the door].

[The scene shows goten trying to put a fat women's shoes on then he ribs it in half,she get mad at him].

Goten:Don't blame me your feet are huge!

[The manger takes the shoe hat off goten then points to the door].

Goten:[Walks away while sighing].

[Goten runs out of a burning resturant screaming].

Goten:Well you never tolded me how to cook!

[The manger takes the apron off of goten and points away from the resturant].

Goten:[Sighs]Worst day ever[Walks away].

[The scene shows goten boring on a brench].

Goten:And then i got fired for burning the whole building,how i'm i going to get gohan a persent.

Toad:Well the thing is that gohan unstand that you didn't give you a persent,But what matters is that you care and love him.

Goten:[Getting up]Your right toad get a shop that i'm actually good at[Runs away].

Toad:But i didn't-.

Goten:[Echoing]Thank you!

Toad:OH sure,ingore everything i said,Why didn't he ask me for money,i would i have give him some,but sure if he wants to get a job then fine by me!

[An big explosion is heard].

Toad:What in the WORLD!?

[Luigi is driving a car and police is chasing him].



Goku:Me and luigi went to the exploding factory and the tour was boring and the manger wouldn't give luigi his money back so he knock him down and toke the money and the threw a fireball at the exploding cans and the factory went  BOOM! and everything exploded and luigi ran in the car leaving me alone,but the police didn't chase me.

Toad:Luigi is subborn.

Goku:The factory was cool not boring!

[The screen shows luigi going into a police car and goku,toad,chich,and pan are watching].

Luigi:Let me go,i haven't broke no laws,goku tell them!

Goku:[Shrug his shoulders]I dunno,i was just watching.

Chichi:I never thought this day would come.

Pan:Why is luigi getting arrested?

Toad:See you in a week.

[Goku runs to the police dressed as one of them].

Goku:[In a fake german accent]I have found the real crimeral!

Police 1:Who chief?

Goku:This guy![The scene shows king windbag dressed as a thug]I found him robbing a doughnut shop!

[All of the police gasps].

Police 1:You monster!

Police 2:So cruel!

Police 3:Not the doughnut shop!

Goku:He's going away for 10 to 50 years in the slammer!

Police 1:Come one fellas let's take this thief away!

King Windbag:Let me go,that's not your chief that's goku dressed as him,and i'm king windbag!

Police 1:Oh sure,and i'm your fairy godmother[Shovel king windbag in the police car]Get in bum.

Police 3:Make that 30 years!

[The police leave in the two cars].

Goku:[Normal voice]Men i can people have these furry things[Takes off the moustache]And ow.

Luigi:Thank you dummy!

Goku:[On the phone while in the fake german accent]Oh police!

Luigi:No don't![Goku looks at luigi]I mean thanks goku your a very nice person!

Goku:false alarm gentlemen.

[Hangs up his phone].

[Gohan come to the pie shop with the rest  ].

Chichi:So where do we eat?

Gohan:Ms.iggeress,we would like to take the rest of the back seats

Goten:Okay,i can do that.



Gohan:What are you doing here?

Goten:I'm working here.

Gohan:[Disapointed]Oh,so are you still going to my party.

Goten:Yeah,about that,i'm not going to your birthday party i'm working

Gohan:Well i'm very mad so i guess your not a best friend,because friends go to their party[Walks away].

[The rest are playing Duck,duck,goose with duck on their head and goku is standing walking around].

Goku:Duck,duck,duck,duck,Goose[Puts goose on vegeta's head switch it attacks him while he runs].

Vegeta:AAAHH!,Get it off me!

Toad:Goku,i think you're taking this thing too litterally.

Goku:Not i'm not,and next your going to Play pen the tail on yoshi!

[Yoshi look afraid and hides in the corner].

Goku:Unlike,pen the tail on the donkey we go behind the yoshi and-.

Chichi:Are pen the tail on yoshi supposed to be real yoshis?

Mario:Nope,Paper yoshis.

Goku:And we go behind the yoshi.

Mario and Toad:Don't get behind yoshi!

Goku:Why?[Yoshi kicks goku in the stomach he falls on his knees]That hurts[Yoshi kicks goku in he face he falls to the ground].

Yoshi:Sorry i couldn't help myself!

Chichi:That's like a horse,when you get behind it kicks you!

Mario:[Walks to goku]You okay!

Toad:Are you fine?

Goku:[With a bloody nose]Ouch,my nose![Blood falls on his shirt]It's blood isn't it!


Kid trunks:Hey where's dad?

Furture trunks:I dunno,This never happen in The furture.

[The scene shows vegeta running around with a goose still attacking him he runs into the street and throws the goose on the ground].

Vegeta:You stupid fowl![Get hit by a car]Ow[Gets run over by another car]again ow[Gets hit by a bunch of cars]I hate duck,duck,goose.

[The goose attacks he's head].

Vegeta:Quit it!

[The scene goes back to the pie shop].

Ms.Iggerss:Here's some more dears.

[all Looks at th burn pie].

[All of them Talking about the pie].

Goku:I'm not eating anything burn.

Ms.Iggerss:So what?[Walks away]

Chichi:Listen lady i paid you to serve us not give us burnied pie and pizza!

'Ms.'Iggerss:Now you will be on my control![her hat turns into a confusion time machine and she hyponoize chichi and she walks walks with her]

Luigi:[Runs after chichi and ms.iggerss]Hey where are you going?

Pan:[Walking after luigi]Where are you going!

Kids trunks:I wanna go.

Furture trunks:Wait for me!

Bulma:And goku,you defeated wario.

Goku:Yeah,he was easy to beat!

Bulma:Why are gohan and goten aruging?

Goku:I dunno their brother they aruge alot!

Goten:And that time!

Gohan:And you are a stupid brother.

Goten:Well take this[Throws a pie at gohan].

Gohan:[Wipes the pie off his face]Oh,its on.

Goten:[Holds a pie]Bring it!

Gohan:[Shoots a ki ball at goten but goten dodge it with a pie exploding them both]Clever,very clever.

Goten:Yi-ah![Throws two pies at gohan].

Gohan:[Shoots a vally of ki balls at goten]And good bye!

Goten:Uh-oh,[Use the pie plate as a shield]Ha-ha!

Gohan:[Growls]Super-.[A pie hits gohan]Hey!

Goten:Got you!

Gohan:Jerk[Throws a fiery pie at goten]Eat firepies.

Goten:[Destorys it with a ki ball then shoots a bunch of ki balls at gohan]this will defeat him!

Gohan:[Jumps and dodges a the ki balls]Think better than that!

Goten:[Throws a pie bomb at him]

Gohan:[Punch it back to goten].

Goten:Uh-oh!,[Jumps out the way]Ahahaha![Throws a giants pie at gohan].

Gohan:[Kicks the pie up in the air].

Goten:Uh-oh![The pie hits both of them].

Goku:[Gets in front of them]I just reveal something!


Goku:Chichi and the rest left!

[Everyone falls down].

[Gohan and goten accidentially push goku into the back of the counter].


[Shows scene in a upside down way].

Goku:Why did they do that!t[Looks up].

Goku:Hey free pie![The pie falls into his face]Mmm,Blueberry!


[Scene shows miss lggerss trapping the rest in a giant pot]

Iggerss:[In a hyperactive voice]Soon King dad will destory all of the mushroom kingdom but first time to cook you -.

Goten:And eat us!?

Iggerss:Well no,i was going to just fry you and pick all of you in carbonite for the next 20 years but i guess i could eat you!

Pan:Wait king dad!?

[Takes off the dress to reveal wendy and iggy]

Iggy:We're the koopalings!

Wendy:Well some of us.

Chichi:So,only two of you defeated us?

IGGY:Indeed,it was easy!

Wendy:Now,get off[Pushes iggy off her]I'm going to powder!

Iggy:What ever!

Gohan:We are about to die! 

Kid Trunks:Foolish us.

Furture Trunks:Curse you villains!

[Gohan and Goten are still aruging].

Gohan:Your an idiot!

Goten:Are an bigger idiot!

Gohan:No you!

Goten:You you!

Gohan:You no!

Goten:your silly.

Gohan:[Throws a pie at goten]I thought you would come to my party,But you thought a job was bigger,I can't believe you,Your my best friend/Brother!

Goten:[Throws at gohan]And i was going to give you my present but your too subborn to understand!

[Goten puts the picture on the pie and throws it at him].

Gohan:[Wipes the pie off his face and looks at the picture]This is what you got me?,I love it!,It's well draw and friendly,THANK YOU!

Goten:[Throws another pie at Gohan]Well you're welcome!

[They look at each other].

Goten:Pie bros?

Gohan:[Nods]Pie bros for life!


[The scene changes to a giant pie with gohan and goten coming out of it].

Gohan:Then i say i really love you say pie!,I really love...


Gohan:I really love...


Gohan:I really love...


Both:From blueberry,Rasberry,Purpleberry,Appleberry,To everything berry,We don't care what kind it is,Cause we really love.........Pie!!!

[The scene changes back as goten and gohan].

Goten:I love you bro!

Gohan:I love you,and pie!

[They sit down and eats more pie].

Bulma:Well i guess you two,are happy now!

Goten:Can't talk,Eating.

Goku:[Walking on-screen]Well you guys make up.


[The others come back half-naked dragging unconisus wendy and iggy].


[Episode ends].