Season 1

Season one: The mushroom saga

Season OneEdit

1.The beginEdit

The heroes want to stop being boried so luigi deside them to be a team and fight villains.

2.How to build a houseEdit

The heroes are boried of being in the castle living i it so they deside to build a house with the help of chichi.

3.The night of the living bowserEdit

The heroes are now sleeping in their new house in their own bedrooms,but the evil demon king bowser won'tlet them with the help of bowser jr and tatanga,Later vegeta and the trunks deside what should they call their team.

4.Chichi's angry!Edit

Luigi deside to make a movie to get money but chichi seems to lost her temper because of something now they have to find out why.

5.Pie brosEdit

Goten has to find out what to do to get he's brother a present.

6.Speeding ticketEdit

Toad gets a speeding ticket thanks to luigi swapping place with him so he gets blame for it.

7.Wario attacks!Edit

Vegeta pays wario to hurt the mushroom fighters so it's The mushroom fighters vs wario!

8.Bow and tangleEdit

Bowser and tatanga teams up,and order to defeat the heroes.

9.It's not easy being chichi!Edit

This episode takes viewers to the life of chichi. 

10.There's the wario brothersEdit

Someone steals gold from the mushroom castle and the mushroom fighters has to find a way how to get it back.

11.A Brand New.......Fighter?Edit

The Fighters are Having a Fourth Member.

12.Yoshi Island Trouble!Edit

The heroes has to go to yoshi island to save the captured yoshis!

13.Here comes the koopa bros!Edit

The koopa bros make their debut in the series.

14.Dr.Eggman's PlanEdit

The heroes must find dr.eggman before he blows up the mushroom castle.

15.Frieza is Back!Edit

An evil trant is back from goku's past and he claims to be good can goku trust him or will he get revenge on goku?

Season OneEdit

16.Truth or ersonalEdit

Goku,luigi,and toad play truth or dare,and they become each other.

17.Super Mario KartEdit

Toad goes to the genius race.

18.The MartEdit

The team goes to the new mart in toad town.

19.Goku's SupriseEdit

Something happens for goku

20.Midnight partyEdit

Toad,gohan,luigi,goten,and goku comes to mario's house for a midnight sleep,and avoiding to make and the  royal family at his house.

21.Meta BattleEdit

Meta knight fights the heroes for a duel starting with luigi.

22.Slamo wrestlersEdit

The gang goes to a sumo wrestling place.

23.The Mushroom Babies?Edit

The heroes are turned into infants.

24.The Mushroom Fighters VS The Evil 11 : Part 1Edit

Goku,Toad,and Luigi are confronted by 11 of they're greatest Foes.

25.The Mushroom Fighters VS The Evil 11 : Part 2Edit