[The scene show a city street with go kart cars are moving  around everything is peaceful and quite,suddenly a car speeds up and runs into a bunch of car knocking down out of the road].


Goku:Too Fast!


Goku:[Hears sirens and look out of the window and sees a bunch of police cars]Uh-oh,Luigi,slow down.

Luigi:No,if i lost another second i'm going to miss,brad and burner.

Toad:[Sees kirby walking down the stopped street]luigi you're going to pass the 20 third,traffic lights.

Luigi:No one cares for that little blob thing.

Kirby:[Humming]I want to get some popcorn and cookies and ice cream for the party![Looking at the car coming to him]is that luigi driving?

[Luigi hits kirby with the car].

Toad:[Gasp]You just hit kirby and he was getting ready for the party!

Goku:And he promise lots of food.

Toad:Thanks to you that could be canceled.


Kirby:[Getting up]It's okay i'm all-[A police car hits kirby]I'm little injuried,but fine,[Getting back up]Now i'm just going to-[Gets hit with a bunch of the police car]I'm,Ow.

Luigi:I got to lose them,i'm going to the big hill.

Toad:that's not a very good idea!

Luigi:Why not smarty pants?

Toad:By the wind,and the speed we're going,i say we'll be going up in the air for a few minutes,then Hit somewhere around chichi's resturant!

Goku:Luigi,please turn around.


[The car reach the big hill and they fly up in the air while the police car are doing to same].

Goku:[To the camera]You don't see this in cartoon anymore.

Toad:[The car is in slow motion and the police siren rings slowy]Classic!

Luigi:[Pushing the gas pedal quickly]Come on,come on![The fast is back to normal as the car fall down]

Toad:AAHH we're going to die![Before they hit the ground the slow motion appears again]What the-.


Shadow:Chaos control!

Goku:Thanks shadow for saving us.

Shadow:Your welcome.

Goku:[Goku charge up a ki ball then luigi smack the ball out of his hand and it' hits shadow then everything goes to normal control then the police car hit's the road then tons of car hits their smashed cars]Wow,a ton of things are happening.

Toad:Why did you smack the ball out of his hand!

Luigi:[Switches the seats with toad]There you go you speeder!

Toad:Speeding?,You did that!,not me!

Police:Well looks like some punks so speeding!

Toad and luigi:Who??

Police:The one sitting in the front.

Toad:Me!?,no,no,no,Luigi here switch places with me and-.

Police:Well you are blaming a good person,[Points to luigi]You be good,and keep your friend out of touble.


Toad:I only have a month to pay 700 coins!?,That's a 3-month  pay!

Police:Well find a way to pay or we'll make it highier!

[The scene shows in toad's room goku sitting on the bed while luigi is on the floor].

Toad:[Pasting back and front]Now how am i going to pay this unbelievable fine?

Goku:Don't pay it!,They'll never see it your money in the bill!

Toad:Then they'll double the fine with a thousand.

Pan:Woah these are some serious cops.

Toad:Only if you break a rules in the books.

Gohan:I blame[Stares at luigi]SOMEONE,Who may have did that!

Luigi:You looking at me?

Goten:Hey don't mess with luigi his 100% not gulity.

Luigi:Thank you at least someone is not blaming me!

Goku:So how are you going to pay................This ticket?

Luigi:Well you shouldn't have ran 82 miles when it says 50 miles!

Toad:[Angry]This is alll your fault!

Luigi:Let's not play the blame game!

Goku:Well you did switch spots with toad!

Luigi:You side are you on?

Pan:Are on the good side,or the blaming side!

Goten:Dad i know you love me more!

Gohan:Ha!,He knows that i'm better than you!

Goten:no he doesn't!

Gohan:At least he toke me 1 and a half month to be potty train.

Pan:While it toke you 2 years to be potty train!

Goku:I guess both!

[Everyones aruges about what goku said].


Gohan:I thought you was choosing the heros side! 

Toad:But all of us are heroes.

Pan:It's actually good side or dark side.

Luigi:you're on both side!!?

Goku:I don't know both of you have some sides!

Pan:I'm sorry to say this grandpa,but your a moron!

Goku:I know!

[A gunshot is heard everyone is quite revaling that she had a starter gun].

Chichi:Now what's the problem?


[Everyone quickly interupped pan then starts talking to chichi so quickly]

Pan:And then after switching seats with toad the police blamed him for it!


Goku:Everything to me is gubberish,and-!

Everyone:Shut up goku!

Goku:[Takes a deep breath]Okay.

Chichi:What's the story and one at a time!

Pan:First toad tolded us that luigi that driving crazy-.

Goten:then toad was messing with luigi and made him run over kirby!

Goku:And then i tolded him to stop!

Luigi:Then he-. 

Toad:Then He mess up and shadow have to save us.

Luigi:Then toad,slap the fireball-.

Goku:Ki ball,not fireball!

Luigi:Whatever,and he shoot it at shadow and it hit him bu the crash didn't land on us.

Gohan:And before they reach the car luigi quickly switch places with him and he got a ticket.

Chichi:So luigi you are the liar!

Luigi:Hey,i'm not the one with the ticket so?

Chichi:So that means we need to tell them it was you.


Luigi:You'll never catch me!

Chichi:[Sees luigi ran away]Goku help me catch him!

Goku:Ok[Run after chichi]I'm coming,chichi!

Luigi:[Knocks over a lamp]Go away i didn't do it!

Goku:Yes you did!

Chichi:Shut up,and help me get him!



Toad:[Sighs]That's along chase to get him!


[A second later luigi screams].

Goten:Oh-no!,Luigi needs my help!

Gohan:No,his does-.

[Goten push gohan off the bed].

Goten:Yes he do![Runs off].

Pan:Uncle come back here!

[Pan runs after goten].

Toad:I better see what's the problem!

[Runs off as well].

Gohan:Ow,[Looks Around]Hey where everybody go to?,Darn it !,i hate when they never tell me anything!

Toad:What in the!-.


Goten:Mom,stop your going to break his legs!

[The scene change to chichi figure 4 locking luigi].

Chichi:Admint you did it!


Chichi:Say it!


[Chichi holds the submission harder].


Chichi:SAY IT!!!!

Luigi:[Tabs out]I quit,I quit!!!!

Chichi:[Let's go]Good!

Goku:Wow hard submission!

Pan:You have no idea.


[The front door is open and vegeta pops out]

Vegeta:Now to shoot goku in the head!

Furture Trunks:It will never work! 

Kid Trunks:That's because his a loser!

Vegeta:Why you little-.

Kid Trunks:AAAhh-.

[Vegeta chokes trunks].

Kid Trunks:[Straining]GAHHH,AGHH,Gahh![Kicks vegeta in the leg and runs away]Hahaha!

Vegeta:[Angry]OW!,Come back here you little brat![Flys after Kid trunks].

Furture Trunks:[Sighs]Here we go again.[Drops the laser gun and leaves].

[The laser gun accidentically  shoots out a blast and shoots pan in the leg].


Goku:What's wrong?

Pan:I bug bit me,i guess that's what we get for leaving the door open!

[Close the door].

[At the brief's house 'Kid trunks is still running away from vegeta then they both get tired].


Kid Trunks:[Slowing Down] N-N,Never!

Furture Trunks:Can they stop?,they been at it for,How long mom?

Bulma:For the last 2 hours.

Kid Trunks:[Faints from the lack of tiredness]So...Tired.

Vegeta:[Falls down near kid trunks]So Hot.

Furture Trunks:[Picks both up]Ok,enough you two.

Vegeta:Just Wait until a cloud blocks the sun,then i'll teach you a lesson for acting smart with me!

Kid Trunks:Fine!

Furture Trunks:But until then,relax!

Vegeta:Your lucky i'm your father,or i'll kill you!

Bulma:[From the pouch]Well i'll just make some lemonade.

Kid Trunks:I want Pink.

Vegeta:NO!,Pink is for girls.

Kid Trunks:It's just lemonade!

Vegeta:Pink is still for girls.

Bulma:Fine i'll make pink AND yellow lemonade,we all get what we want!


Furture Trunks:The Blue lemonade is for the party we're going to at 4:35,Don't Touch it!

[The three are in the park].

Toad:Now luigi need to find a way to pay for the money!

Goku:May he can get a bag of meat it worked for me when i give the bank meat then a week later they gave me a piece of paper!


Goku:[Gives toad the paper]Take a look!

Toad:[Reads the paper that says Let's never talk about this again]

Luigi:None of that! dumb stuff works!

Goku:I know [Takes a pause] Rob a bank!

Toad:Goku that's iilegal.



[The scene shows luigi in a bank with a giant sock over his head]

Luigi:[Holding a sack]PUT IT IN,PUT THE MONEY IN THE BAG!

Banker:Sir your facing the wrong way!

Luigi:[Normal voice] Oh [Turns around] Thanks.,[Loudly] PUT THE MONEY IN THE BAG!

Goku:[In his black outfit] Give me all your money!

Everyone:Hi Goku! 


Toad:[In his spy outfit] This is embrrassing.


Luigi:[Gives him an ID card] Heres my promising to punch anyone card!

Banker:[Scans the card]Sir your brother gave you 3 blue coins last week making that 15 coins.

Luigi:Can you check my savings?

Banker:[Typing and clicking on the computer] there's only 3 coins in your saving making that 18 coins,Wanna to Take it?

Luigi:Yes please!

Banker:[Gives luigi his money and card] is that all sir?

Luigi:No that's all!

Banker:Ok have a nice day sir,Next!

[The three are walking away from the bank] 

Goku:Did you guys get any money?

Luigi:only 18 coins

Toad:my savings have 400 coins but that's my rainy day money!

Goku:I found 2 coins on the floor and shadow paid me 10 coins to give you this luigi [Gives luigi a present].

Luigi:Oh i wonder if it's those sneakers i wanted! [Opens the present and a boxing glove hits him in the face causing him a black eye] ow!

Goku:Oh my goodness luigi are you ok?

Toad:[Reading the front] This is for the ki ball That was evil even for luigi!

Goku:That was a cruel thing!

Luigi:Nevery fear,I have a plan! [Falls out]

[They are at the police station].

Toad:Please tell me your not going to do something your going to regert.

Luigi:I need a word with them.

Goku:What your doing with that bob-omb!?

Luigi:[Holding a bob-omb]I just want to talk to them!

Toad:Can't we just ask princess peach for some money?

Luigi:Believe me,this is easier!

[They enter the room goku looks around and sees vegeta and knuckles with mad faces sitting handcuffed  to each other].

Goku:What are you guys doing here?

Vegeta:I'm not talking to him!

Knuckles:I'm not talking to you either!

[Both Fold their hands].

Goku:Can one of you tell me what happen?

Vegeta:[Groans] Fine,First-.


Knuckles:First vegeta bumped into me

[The scene is now sandpaper bulma and vegeta are dancing,vegeta bumps into knuckles,and knuckles head falls ito the nacho bowl].

Vegeta:Then he threw nachos in my hair!

Knuckles:Only on-.

Vegeta:Yes,you did!

[Knuckles wipes the chesse off his face and throws a nacho into vegeta's hair].

Knuckles:Then he shove me!

Vegeta:Only because you started it!


[Vegeta trys to reach for the nacho in his hair he reachs it looks at it,turns around and pushs knuckles into the table].

Knuckles:Then i shoved him.

[They keep pushing each until knuckles tackles vegeta to the ground].

Vegeta:Then we started fighting.

[They're rolling around on the floor punching each other].

Knuckles:And your stupid son called the cops!

[Furture trunks is on the phone].

Vegeta:It was kirby retard!

[Kirby is seen calling the phone].

Knuckles:Who are you calling a retard!?

Goku:Stop you two!

[The police arrive kirby points at knuckles and vegeta they pull them away from each other and handcuffed them,and put them in the car].

Knuckles:Then i punched him!

Vegeta:That did not happen!

[Knuckles punchs vegeta in the face].

[End of flashback].

Vegeta:Your lieing!

Knuckles:No your lieing,ya prince of all Morons!

Vegeta:Well at least i'm not a furry rodent!

[Knuckles punchs vegeta,vegeta pushs him,then vegeta gets on top of knuckles and is about to punch him,but goku pulls them away].

Goku:Hey guys this is not the time for fighting.

Vegeta:[Looks around]I think his trying to do something stupid,again.

Goku:[Turns Around] Oh no.

[Luigi is aiming a fireball at the bob-omb].

Luigi:All Right,who's the jerk that give me this stupid ticket!

[Luigi looks around and sees a tons of people with their hands up].

Luigi:Someone tell me who it is!

[People look around and points at random people].

Luigi:Come on,one of you had to do it.

[Kamek is peeking his head in the door

Kamek:This is too easy [Transforms into a buckethead police] All right [Deep voice] Code 30,crimial in the building this is not a dill,i repeat this is not a dill!

[Police #1 Slams the door open,Police #2 Trazes Knuckles]

Police #3:Hands in the air people!

Toad:Luigi is in so much--

[Police #1 Tackles Toad].

Toad:AAhh!,What did i do!?,i'm an innocet Bystander!

Police #1:Sorry,Rule :12 Bystanders without hands up get Tackled and handcuffed for safety[HandCuffs toad] Don't worry you will get uncuffed aftermath.

Luigi:Where's my refund huh?

Police #4: [Knocks Luigi to the ground]your under arrest for Terrorist in headquadters!

Police #2:[Handcuffs Luigi]You have the right to remain silence.

Goku:[Looks At the bomb ticking] Is That supposed to happen?

Police #1:[Looks at the bomb ticking to 20-19-18-17] ReTreat!

[Everyone in the building runs out expect Vegeta and knuckles].

Vegeta:Hey What about us!?

Knuckles:See,this is all your fault!

Vegeta:Well your the one that threw stuff in my hair!

Knuckles:You pushed me!

Vegeta:Well i lived a full life!

Knuckles:Your just Lucky!

Vegeta:At least i'm married!

Knuckles:[Sutters] Well i have a girlfriend....s.

Vegeta:Since this is my last minute in life i'm going to make it worth something.

Knuckles:What?,Talk about your Feelings?

Vegeta:No [Demonic Voice] By Killing you!

Knuckles:You'll Never kill me!

[Vegeta punches knuckles but misses,Knuckles kicks vegeta,Vegeta Blast a ki ball at Knuckles,Vegeta Rips a piece of hair from knuckles,knuckles kicks vegeta in the stomache,Then Vegeta Blast Knuckles with another Ki ball but misses in hits the chain they are struck to].

Vegeta:Great now we're unchained [Pushes knuckles out the way and runs].

Knuckles:Hey! Get back here!

[Both runs out the police station,before it explodes]

???:My Car!

[Kamek in a police transform,walks away,hides in some bushes not so far away].

Kamek:[Uses his hand to make contract with bowser].

Bowser:[As a hologram]What? I was just about check on you.

Kamek:Plan #2 Failed.

Bowser Jr:[Off screen] Told you it was stupid

Bowser:Well i already planned i another plan,there is an airship coming to the mushroom kingdom,with 200 elite koopas!

Kamek:No,no that's a bad plan,i need more time to check on them!

Bowser:Very well [Signals the airship to go back]. 

[The Airship leaves,Scene goes back].

[Goku,Luigi and toad are walking down the street].

Luigi:Well that didn't go as planned but at least i don't have to pay a ticket.

Toad:And we don't have a police station near us.

Goku:And this was a happy ending.



[Episode Ends].