[The episode begins with Everyone in their New house watching tv with the biggest tv in the house in the living room].

Goku:I sure love Tv!


Toad:You know watching too much tv can rot your brain!

Gohan:Like zombies!

Toad:Actally your right!

Goten:What show is this again?



Chichi:Alright that's ehough tv for one day![Turns off the tv].


Chichi:Like toad said,too much tv will rot your brain!

Toad:I did!

Gohan:Mom,Just one more minute!

Chichi:Sorry kido you need your beauty sleep!

Pan:[Walking out of the room]Alright Good night everyone!

Goku:Good day!

Goten:Good night!


Goten:You said good day,but it's the night time so you are supposed to say good night!


Luigi:Good night,Good day,Potato tomoto.

Toad:Weird,But if you want to say that and that's just fine with me!

Chichi:Alright to bed everyone!


[Later after a few seconds later everyone is in Bed]

Chichi:[Turning off the light]Good night Goten,Gohan,Pan,Toad,Luig!

Goten:Good night!

Gohan:Good night!

Pan:Good night grandma!


Toad:Good night!

Goku:Good[Lefts the room].

Chichi:What[Goku turns around]Aren't you going to sleep with me?

Goku:Uhh,I would like to but your kind of.How do i say this,Old.

Chichi:[With a firey background]SLEEP WITH ME!

Goku:[Running back into the room]Okay,okay,jeez!

Luigi:Good night toad!

Toad:Good night!


Toad and luigi:Yes,mam.


Chichi:[Holding a pan]I will hit you with this so hurt if you don't shut up!

Goku:Relax chichi,you don't have to hit me![Chichi missed hitting goku with the pan]Haha!miss[Gets hit with the pan]Ow!.

Chichi:Go to bed goku!

Goku:[Holding his cheek]Yes chichi.


[The scene switches to bulma with a flashlight looking around].

Bulma:Mmm no one here,i thought i just saw vegeta out here.

Vegeta:[From the bushes]RIGHT HERE WOMEN!


Vegeta:Left[Bulma moves left]take several steps[Takes three steps]Then one more step.

Bulma:Vegeta stop playing around with me it's too dark for this[She takes one more step and falls into a hole]AAAHH![Vegeta walks to the hole].

Vegeta:Perfect now you found me!

Bulma:[From the hole]I hope you're happy with what your doing!

Vegeta:Now you can't stop me from killing goku!

Bulma:Stop messing with goku,i thought you was a good guy!

Vegeta:Not anymore!

Furture trunks:[From the bushes]Dad can we come out now?

Bulma:What is that furture trunks and did he just said we?

Vegeta:That's none of your busniess women!

[Vegeta walks away] .

Bulma:What where are you going you can't  just leave me here all night![Sees some maginezes]Oh maginezes!


[The screen changes to tatanga falling out of a tree behind the the heroes's house,bowser appears in red smoke and bowser jr come from a zipline].

Tatanga:Hey no fair how come you guys have cool appeances?

Bowser:Because you suck!

Tatanga:No you suck!

Bowser:Well you suck even more!

Tatanga:No you suck a hundred times.

Bowser:Well you suck a thousand times than me!

Tatanga:No you suck ten thousand times than me!

Bowser:Actally you suck a hundred-thousand times!

Tatanga:No you suck a million times than me!

Bowser:You suck a billion times than me!

Tatanga:No you suck a trillion,Zillion times than me!

Bowser:That's no even a real word!

Tatanga:I know,that's how you suck!

Bowser:Why you little!

Bowserjr:Guys i think we have enough!Aruging for one day! and dad you promise that i'll go to bed when we scare the heroes out of their house!

[Tatanga and bowser look at each other].

Bowser:Juinor's right we should stop arguing and destroy the mushroom fighters!

Bowser jr:You said scare!

Tatanga:[Takes out a gun and aim at a window]So where should a aim at?

Bowser:You don't need to aim you hav.

Bowserjr:You have to shoot at a random part to make noise!


Tatanga:[Shoot at a window the laser ball bounces around and luigi wokeup!]Perfect got a hit!


Toad:[Running from his room]What was what?




[The scene switches to goku in bed walking up in shock].

Goku:What was that?!

Chichi:[Mumbles]it's maybe nothing it's your head!

[The noise of toad and luigi can be heard again].


Chichi:What is that noise?!

Toad:Serious what is that noise?!

Luigi:I do not know.

[chichi and goku run in the room].

Chichi:What is all of this noise?


Goku:[Looks at chichi's face mud mask]AAh!

Chichi:[Confused]What this is Actually my mud mask!

Goku:[Relaxed now]Oh.

Luigi:That thing looks creepy!

Chichi:It does not![Looks at goku]Isn't it goku?


Toad:Actually mud masks are used for people who have rusty ashy faces or to get rid of wrinkles.


[everyone else starts to get angry!]

Gohan:[From his room]What is all that noise?

Goten:[Also from his room]Keep it Down!

Pan:[From her room]I have School in the moring!

[The screen switches to vegeta and kid trunks and furture trunks in their house!]

Vegeta:[Sitting]So what should we call our team,or should i say my team!

Kid trunks:The legals!

Furture trunks:Rejectings,The losers?

Vegeta:No,No,and no!

Furture Trunks:I'd like the legals.

Kid trunks:Me too.

Vegeta:Don't care.

Furture trunks:Then what? 

Vegeta:We need to make a team that put fear into the enemies!

Kid trunks:I know,The bad guys!

Furture trunks and vegeta:0-0.

Kid trunks:[Confused]What?


[The screen shows bowser and the other two walking near the house].

Bowser:[Use his claws to cut a big hole in the window]Perfect.

[Bowser climbs though the hole,bowser jr has touble getting in the hole switch tatanga picks him up and helps him though the hole].

Bowser jr:Thanks. 

Tatanga:[Rolling his eyes while sighing]Your welcome kid.

Bowser:Now all we need to do is to be quit and don't make any[Tatanga drops a lamp]Thing.


Bowser:What are you trying to do make some noise to wake them up?

Bowserjr:Let's tiptoe!

[Tatanga tripped over bowser's tail]

Bowser:Watch out dude!

Bowser jr:Be quit!

Bowser:Oh yeah i forgot!

Tatanga:mm,now where to put this bomb?

Bowser:[Stopped]Stop right here.

Bowser jr:Why?

Bowser:[Points to goku and chichi's room]See there?easy we'll put goku on his own room then when chichi wakes up she'll think goku doesn't love her anything.

Tatanga:Oooh!Now switch one of us is going to pick him up?

Bowser:[With goku in his arms]I'm sorry what?

Tatanga:Never mind!

[Bowser puts goku in his room then bowser jr hits the sleeping chichi with a rock then chichi wakes up].

Chichi:[Confused]What who woke me up?[Sees bowser jr]Bowser jr?What are you doing!

Bowser jr:[Moving his hands around her face]Your dreaming about villains!

Chichi:Goku do you see that?[Sees no goku]Goku?RRR goku![Walks pass bowser jr]Excuse me dream bowser jr!

Tatanga:[From the closet]Good job,you have to get real early in the moring to fool people like that!

Chichi:[At the door of goku's room]Goku you better have a good exampling of how you left me?

Goku:[Getting up]It's too early for this.

Chichi:Your Smooth talk won't work right now!

Goku:What are you talking about?[Sees himself in his own bed]How did i get in my own bed?

Chichi:Well duh,that's the problem!


Chichi:You heard me!

Everyone else:Please be quit!

[The scene switches to Shadow and kirby and amy looking around with their flashlights].

Shadow:Now what was that screaming?

Amy:I don't know all i know is that i heard someone screaming.

kirby:Keep looking guys!

Amy:I wonder what gender was it?

Shadow:It sounded like a girl to me!

Bulma:over here!

Amy:Over where?

Kirby:Who are you talking to?

Shadow:[Confused]Amy this is no time for jokes!

Amy:[Searching]I don't know,but someone said over here!

Bulma:Over here people!

Kirby:Now that sounded like bumla to me!

Bumla:In the giant hole to your left!

Amy;This is harder than i thought!

Shadow:[At the hole]Found it!

Bumla:[Getting lift up  from the hole]Thank you!

Kirby:Who put you in there?



Shadow:Your kidding right?

Bumla:No i'm not!

Amy:[Holding bumla's hand]Now let's get you cleaned up and get some of my famous cookies and milk![Looks at shadow and kirby]Would you two like to join?

Kirby:Yay!Cookies and milk![Runs to amy].

Shadow:I will do that![Runs to kirby and amy

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[The scene switches to mario's house where sonic,mario and peach and daisy are watching a scary movie].

Mario:Men this is scary[A saw sound is heard]AAAH!

Sonic:Michael just cutted that girl's head off!

Peach:[Eatting popcorn]I'm scared!


Mario:[Holding sonic]Hold me!

[A girl in the movie screamed while a knife cutting noise is heard].

Mario,Sonic, and peach:AAAAH!

[They dropped the popcorn].

Daisy:Opps you all dropped the popcorn i'll get some more!

Peach:Can we pause it for you?

Daisy:Nah,i saw this movie like four times!

[Daisy walks out of the living room].

Mario:I don't think that girl should open that door i think Micheal is in there!

Peach:[A opening door noise is heard and a girl screaming when a chain saw noise is also heard]AAAH!


Mario:AAAH,I knew it!

[Daisy Screams]

Peach:What was that?

Sonic:Please don't tell me that  that micheal is in there!

Mario:We have to watch out!

[Sonic paused the movie while they walking peach grabs a tennis racket and mario grab a fire flower turning him into fire mario and sonic holds a chair]

Daisy[Wearing a michael's hockey mask]RRooar!


Daisy:[Takes off the michael mask]Ha!you should all look at your faces when all of you went like AAh!

Mario:Very funny!

Peach:Not funny daisy!

Sonic:We thought you was killed by michael!

Daisy:Yeah you thought![See the real michael and is shocked and shaking in fear]Uuh dudes!Look!

Mario:We're not falling for that!

Peach:After what you did!That was a cruel joke!

Sonic:I almost pee on myself!


[The three looked behind them and screamed!,then all three of them ran outside!].

Daisy:AAH,Haha!Good job dad!

[Takes off the hockey mask to reveal her father]

Joe:Ha! your friends of cowards!and i thought mario was going to be the least scared!

Daisy:High five[Gives her dad a high five]


[The screen goes back to the heroes's house where everyone is arguing]!

Bowser:We love to chat but,we have to destroy your house!


[They started fighting then someone dropped a bomb then everyone stops]

Gohan:Okay you left a bomb on the floor!

The others:Not me!

Tatanga:[The bomb starts chacking]Your bomb is about to exploded!

Bowser:Well i'm out peace![Use he's exploding teleport].

Bowser jr:I'm not going to go to heaven![Ziplane out of the house].

Tatanga:[Angryily walks out]Seriously we need to talk about this not making tatanga have a good appeance and a good exit!

Goku:What do we do?


[The others scream and run around]!

Chichi:People control yourself's,gohan do your bomb detech thing!

Gohan:Now blue cut to red wire,cut to orange wire!

[The bomb is on 5 seconds].

Goku:On we don't have time for this[Throws the bomb out the window!]


Goten:I just realize something![everyone looks at him]Where is the bomb going to explode at!


[The scene changes to bulma's house]

Furture trunks:The neative fighters!

Vegeta:Perfect it toke you 2 hour to think of that!

[The bomb hits the window and lands on front of vegeta].

Vegeta:Oooh carp!

[The bomb explodes destroying the house!]

Bulma:[Slaps vegeta]Jerk!

[The episode ends].