Mr Krabs:[The screen show the krusty karb]I'd to say thank you toad and pan for beinging spongebob into your show,It's making me money [Holds a huge bag of money] So thank you [Hearty laughs] Bye -bye!

[The screen fades away to The theme title and super mario galaxy main theme plays]

[The scene shows a flat screen tv on the wall and two black leather chairs in a carpeted-room']

???:[Off screen]Now?

???:[Off Screen]The Show on right now toad!,So yeah.

Toad:[Walks on screen] Hey Everyone!

Pan:[Flying to on screen] hey dudes and gals!

Toad:Welcome to the TnP show!,aka The Toad and Pan show!

Pan:On it's debut too!

Toad:Yeah so,thanks mr.karbs for the warm welcome!

Pan:Yes and he gets a 400 dollars.

Toad:Wait we pay him 400 Dollars for beinging spongebob into this show?

Pan:I know and we get like 40-50 dollars.

Toad:But don't we own this show.

Pan:Yes,but just us and karbs get money!

Goku:[Holding a tray of coffee]Coffee?

Toad:Sure Thanks.

Pan:[Takes a sip]Oh hot.

Goku:I know Mario makes good coffee!


Goku:Yeah he maked a resturtant on the empty big room with a Kitchen in the back room on floor 2

Toad:Hey let's to check!

[Toad and pan and goku walk to mario's resturtant where mario is cooking]

Toad:Hey mario!

Mario:[Coming to the counter] Hey you two!,Goku did you give them a cup?

Goku:Yes,but only 3 cup of Coffee left!


Pan:So what do you have?

Mario:We have pizza,Spaghetti,Tacos,Pasta,Cheese burgers,ice cream,Noodles,Cheese pie,And lots of many more pies!

Bulma:[From a table]I like his pasta!

Pan:Hey! Bulma and trunks!

Kid Trunks:[With a his face full of sauce]I love spaghetti!

Goku:Me too!,but my favorite food is noodles.

Kid Trunks:Cool!

Luigi:I want a burrito!

Mario:Sorry luigi,i don't have burritos,But there's tacos!

Luigi:I want a burrito!

Mario:No i don't have burritos!

Luigi:[Angry] I-Want-a-Burrito!


Luigi:[Happy]Yes you do!

Mario:No i don't!

Luigi:Look up there!

[Mario looks up and see a sign on his menu broad that says Burritos 1.99 writtin in a blue marker].


Luigi:[Holding a marker] Hey you can't blame me.

Mario:Fine i'll make you a burrito,with Burger meat!

Luigi:Sounds good to me!

Goku:Uhhhhh.......So what you guys doing?

Pan:Hosting a show.


Toad:And we wish to have millions of subcr-- [Looks around] where everyone go? i hate you all!

[Goes back to pan and toad in the hosting room].

Toad:So that's all for episode #1!

Pan:And if you want to help us out,please subcribe to the channel

Toad:Good bye! [Waves]

[Goten shows Pops his phone]

Goten:And i got this app.


[Someone throws a Video Cassette Tape at goten's feet].

Pops:What's that?

Goten:Hey there's a tape let's watch it on this television that suddenly appeared.

[Goten Puts the tape on the television player,knuckle appear in the tape].

Knuckles:[On the tape] I your watching this,i'm afraid i got some bad news,we are currently out of chesse,so that means to no pizza or nacho at the food court,good bye [Tape ends]

Goten:No Hamburgers?

Pops:[Shrug shoulders]

[Video Ends]