"Waluigi, winner!"

      — Waluigi

Waluigi's artwork in the series
Vital statistics
Position Wario's brother
Age 28
Physical attributes
Height 5.9
Weight 151 Pounds
Alias/Nicknames Unknown
Allies: Wario


Enemies: Mario


Family: Wario [Brother]
Likes: Gold
Dislikes Unknown
Debut Unknown
 Waluigi is Wario's counterpart, Partner/Brother Waluigi's hat has the letter Gamma on it, showing his rivalry with Luigi, similar to Wario who has a W on his cap, shown to be an upside down M. Waluigi wears black overalls and purple clothes. He likes causing trouble, He debut as a minor character in Wario Attacks!, he will make a major role in There's The Wario Brothers.


Waluigi has a very competitive aspect to him. As such, he has appeared in many Mario spin-off games. When Waluigi is competing he tends to be very un-sportsman like in his behavior. Simply put , Waluigi is a very poor sport. He often resorts to cheating to win. Waluigi has also been shown to be very arrogant. Whenever Waluigi scores, he shows off very much, and acts like he's about to win. Conversely, if his opponent even makes a little progress, Waluigi will throw a tantrum. Waluigi is also very mischievous, and usually gets Wario and himself in trouble, like when he vandalized a picture of Luigi  in Mario Power Tennis. Waluigi is especially well known for his rudeness, as seen in a variety of games.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Waluigi has a hat and gloves with a "Γ" symbol, which is similar to Wario's "W", which is also an upside-down "M". Unlike Luigi's green hat and shirt, Waluigi has a purple shirt and hat with black overalls, while his Γ symbol is yellow. Along with his boomerang-like mustache, Waluigi is taller and skinnier than Luigi, intending to highly exaggerate Luigi's physical characteristics, much in the same way that Wario exaggerates Mario's physical characteristics. Artists have also considered to separate certain colors and pick which color looks mostly unalike or most apart from a color wheel. This seems to match Mario and luigi considering the fact that colors red and green are considered the opposite just like Waluigi and Wario have outfits in the color of yellow and purple which are the opposite.


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  • Waluigi is Wario's brother. However he never made any appearance in the WarioWare series other than his cameo in the above picture.
  • Waluigi's long legs let him run really fast but in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games he was a Skill type character and not a Speed type.
  • Waluigi is similar to Bowler hat guy from Meet the Robinsons and so they have the same personality.