[The episode begin with the heroes playing frisbee]

Goku:Wow i love playing frisbee!

Toad:[Throwing the frisbee back at goku]Agree goku!

Luigi:Hey grannys throw the stanking frisbee to me!

Goku:Okay,Think fast!

[Throws the frisbee real hard luigi try to catch it with his teeth but it flys right though him and fly away in the sky].

All three:Huh?

[The frisbee flys to a house and broke a window and the frisbee hit sleeping wario]

Wario:Huh?,ow,who hit me?

[Looks at the frisbee on the floor].

Wario:A frisbee?......I don't own a frisbee.....mmm-hhh......Maybe waluigi threw it!

[Wario walks without looking and step on a glass].

Wario:My favorite glass cup[Looks up]My window!

[Waluigi walks in the room]

Waluigi:[About to say something]Eh![Walks away]

Wario:Some jerk did this but who?

[The scene changes to goku,luigi,and toad looking for the frisbee].

Goku:Okay where is that thing?

Luigi:See goku this is why you make me and toad feel stupid!

Toad:[Looking at luigi]Who said goku makes me feel stupid?

Goku:Why we have pizza when we're done......[Looking uncomfortable]Because i'm hungry!

Toad:I don't blame you goku!

Luigi:Well...well..well,let's see if i go into this bush,[Luigi's head got struck in the bushes]uhh help!

Goku:Luigi's head got struck.

Toad:So,how do we get him out then?

Goku:I dunno maybe pull his head out of the bushes.

Toad:That'll work but be careful,we don't want to rib he's head off!

Luigi:What are you guy waiting for? get me out of here!

Goku:[Sigh] Hold it!

Toad:Okay luigi this is going to hurt......alot!

[Goku pulls luigi's legs hardly luigi screams in pain he's head finally comes out].

Luigi:Great now i have one more thing you guys can fix.


Luigi:My neck hurts!


[The scene changes to wario putting on new clothes then after putting on new clothes he gets a whole bunch of doughnuts then he switches the channel on the tv with the remote then his phone he puts it up].

Wario:Wario brothers inc,we destory in an hour or it's 25% off!

[The scene switches to vegeta outside with his phone].

Vegeta:What? no i know who threw a frisbee near or window or broke it!

[Switch to wario's place].

Wario:Huh,you do?

[Change to vegeta].

Vegeta:Yeah! i'm also hiring you to hurt the same people who broke your window.

[Change to wario].

Wario:[Angry] Just tell me who is it!

[Change to vegeta].

Vegeta:Don't get your chickens in one goose!

[Change to wario].

Wario:I don't own chickens!

[Change to vegeta].

Vegeta:It's an expression[Whrispers] Idiot!

[Change to wario]


[Change to vegeta].

Vegeta:I was just clearing my throat!

[Change to wario]

Wario:Can we get on with it already!

[Change to vegeta].

Vegeta:Alright it's.

[Wario's house is in front view wario screams].


[Wario smash the phone the wrong way].

Vegeta:[On the phone] Hey dummy wrong side of the switch!

Wario:[Puts the phone up] Don't call me a dummy![Smash the phone the right way]

[Changes the vegeta].

Vegeta:Yes and soon i'll be famous for hiring wario to destory the mushroom fighters mahahahaahahaha[Fall off his chair] Ow damm!

Goku:[From the gate]Hey vegeta what's funny?

Vegeta:[Getting back up]Oh nothing laughing at this video of a boy skate broading and fell.

Goku:Well that's sort of funny!

Vegeta:[Laughs in slient]hehehe!

Furture trunks:Dad! mother need you!

Vegeta:Oh come on![Walks in the house].


Toad:What is it goku?

Goku:I feel some weird kind of power.

Luigi:It's just maybe bowser or tatanga.

Goku:Nope bowser's energy is alot stronger than this!

Toad:Your maybe hearing things.

Goku:No i don't think so!

Toad:Well your question is quite prehistoric,switch no one is capable of coming here to know the location of  our house but bowser and maybe the koopalings!

Luigi:No i you idiot are hearing things and i think i'm the smart one!

Toad:I beg ro differenier,but i'm actally the brain without me you don't even know how to get how from chichi's resturant.



Goku:Wario's behind you too.

[Both look and see wario].

Toad:Oh hello enemy.

Luigi:You mess with the wrong team wario for i am luigi the leader!

Toad:Let's not forget toad the brains!

Goku:And goku the power! and muscle i think.

Wario:[Posing moves] Well 1 on 2 is not fair so i'll just cheat!

[Wario kicks toad and luigi to the floor goku punches wario but miss,wario drop kicks goku making him fall,luigi gets up and kicks wario at his leg making him fall to his knees and toad shoots a mini laser gun at wario wario dodge a few then gets hit by one].

Wario:Ow! eat gas!

[Pass gas on toad].

Toad:[Fainting] So...Much....Stink!

Luigi:Well only one left two to go!

[Luigi charge at wario wario grab throw luigi to the gate].

Wario:Now two down one to go!

[Goku gets up looks at wario then walks to toad and luigi].

Wario:Well one's a coward!

Goku:That's because you hurt my friend on no reason.

Wario:You don't know that you or the other two did something that i had to spend money on and i hate spending money!

Goku:Well that's didn't matter i'll get next time we meet,and next won't be like this time!

Wario:Whatever i'll get my victory some day today.

[Jumps over the gate and leave].

Vegeta:[From nowhere] Come back here you idiot!,there's one left to beat![Goku looks at him] i mean,Come back here and fight like a man!


Vegeta:I think he mess with the wrong team huh?

Toad:[Waking up]Oh my head.

Goku:You okay?

Toad:Well if you don't count my head,and the smell of body gas,then yes i'm alright!

Luigi:[Gets up and kicks vegeta] Take that!

Vegeta:Ouch,what was that for!

Luigi:Great now vegeta scared wario away,thanks alot veggie!

Vegeta:It's vegeta,not veggie! [Luigi groans goku slaps his hand to his head].


[The scene change to chichi's resturant goku talking to chichi and goten].

Goku:And then wario left toad and luigi injured.

Chichi:Well you guys had one heck of a fight!

Goten:Why he attack you.

Toad:I have no idea why he attack us.

Luigi:He wanted wants to beat up goku but he beated up us so we won't get in the way.

Goku:i think said something about killing all of us and we meet later somewhere at the park.

Chichi:I think you guys need to look out maybe you can ask mario to help.


Chichi:Luigi he's your brother you don't have to be jealous because he's famous than you!

Luigi:[Groans] not if he was the last person in the world i needed help for.

Goten:Or you can ask for my help!

Goku:I'll let you know if we need goten.

Toad:Really luigi we Do need your brother's help.

Luigi:Well i don't like him.

Goten:Well his older and better looking than you,luigi,you could have a point.

Toad:If you was about to die then mario saved you then would you thank him and maybe worship him.

Luigi:[Laughs mockinly] i would have goku knock me out the having mario save me.

Goku:[Balls up his fist] Really?

Luigi:Go ahead punch me goku so i can prove my point.

Goku:Are you sure? Because this is really going to hurt!

Luigi:Goku what's 2 plus 2?


Goten:No,it's 6

Luigi:Good your an idiot now punch me!

Toad:[Holds goku's fist before he strikes] Maybe let's do something else besides that!

Goten:No dad.

Goku:Whatever you say.

[The scene change to goku,toad, and luigi searching for wario].

Goku:[Looking through bushes] Hey where are you?

Toad:[Checking on a heat signal remote] Nope no heat signal of him.

Goku:What about those signal that could be him[Goku punch a tree]Nope his not here.

Toad:No,those are our heat from our bodies,The green one is luigi,the white is me,and red is you goku.

Goku:Well i stand corrected.


Toad:[Pokes luigi] Luigi,Wrong tv show.


Kirby:Hey guys what's up.

Luigi:Not now lady we're looking for wario.

Kirby:Lady!?,I'm a boy[Blows a rasberry at luigi then walks away].

Goku:Quiet Guys a heard something.

Luigi:How can you possibly hear something bysides olds ladies feed bird and kids playing?[Kids are seen playing tag].

Goku:[Loudly] There it is![Goku kicks a tree goten falls out of it].

Goten:Ow,[Laughs nervously]Well this is awkward.

Toad:Goten you don't have to spy on us to watch us defeat wario.

Goten:I wasn't spying[Picks up his camera]I was just filming the best fight ever.


Goten:Dude you don't have to yell.

Goku:[Looks up]I just going to move this way[Moves to the side].

Luigi:Why are you scared of a little-.

[Warios lands on toad].


Luigi:[Posing]First,beat me up,and second you didn't bring an army.

Goku:And third you hurt toad.

Luigi:[Mockingly]Third you hurt toad,Goku no one cares.

Goku:You know i can hurt you!

Wario:Take this!

Luigi:Take what?

[An explosion happen under goku sending him on a tree brench].

Goku:A bomb won't destroy me!

Wario:It wasn't suppose to!

[Goku trys to get off the tree brench but is struck].

Goku:Hey i can't move,wait i can just blow up the tree.

Wario:Not quite goku waluigi give me a exploding tree.

Luigi:Let me guess it's going to explode goku,an small explosion won't destroy him.

Wario:No it's to destroy THE MUSHROOM CASTLE!!

Goku,luigi,and goten:WHAT!!?

Goten:Video over bye![Goten runs away]I got to tell peach!

Wario:[Looking at goten]Who's that?[wario gets shocked by toad].

Toad:Take that!

Luigi:Hey i wanted to sneak attack him!

Toad:Hey goku how did you there,i'll just get you with my laser gun!

Goku and Luigi:NO!!


Goku:If you broke a singal brench this thing will explode and destroy the mushroom castle,from underground!.

Toad:Oh we got to warn them.

Goku:Don't worry my son got it!

[Wario punch the taser gun off toad's hands and it flys and hit and shocked goten making him fall down].

Toad:Oh my lord!

Luigi:Cool,I mean sweet,i mean oh no!

Goku:[In his thoughts]I'm going to destroy him when i get off of this thing.

Luigi:[Punchs wario]You moron!

Wario:No your the idiot![Wario sideslams luigi and suplexs toad].

Luigi:You jerk![Luigi hits wario with a stick].

Goku:[Goku has a angily look].

[Wario beats up luigi and toad brutaly].

Wario:[Punches luigi knocking some teeth out of him]and how about you?[Kicks toad in the face]And both of you have some of[Wario is about to use a ground pound them suddenly mario drop kicks him super mario galaxy music plays].

Mario:[With the cape transforminHow about you fight some one your own Challage?

Wario:Oh yeah?

Mario:[Bends down]Oh YEAH!

Wario:OH yeah?

Mario:Oh yeah!

Wario:Then take some of this![Wario trys to punch mario but he dodge and uppercuts him the kicks him to the ground]. 

Mario:And how about some of this[Mario jumps from the tree goku is hanging upside down from and jumps off of it and lands on wario].

Goku:Nice moves.

Mario:Thanks,How did you get there?

Goku:Oooh long story!

Mario:Well i'll get you out of there,don't worry i-.

[An explosion explodes under mario then he is send flying].

Mario:[IN the sky]NOT Cooool![Mario flys away].

Goku:Hey that wasn't fair!

Wario:Not my style!

[Wario eats a fire flower and turns into fire wario and change a fire ball].

Wario:Get up! you idiots!

Goku:Yo wario![Blows a rasyberry at wario].

Wario:[Punchs the tree]Shut up goku!

[Goku falls from the tree].

Wario;Get up you too and meet your mak-.

[Goku slaps the fireball out of wario's hand].

Goku:You know that i'm stronger than you[Punchs wario in the face making him lose the fire flower].

Toad:[Gets up slowy]Oh no[Oh his phone]Princess are you okay!?

Peach:[On the phone]Yes we're all fine mario got rid of the bomb and we're saved.

Toad:Okay that's great!

Goku:[Goku punches wario raidly then he uppercuts him and teleport to him and metor slams wario to the ground].

Wario:[Goku lands and walks to him]Wait![Goku stops]HA![Jumps to goku then goku kicks him to the broader to a cliff gate].

Goku:And goodbye[Punches wario and he falls down the ocean].

Wario:Wahhhhhhhh![Hits the sand on the beach].

Goku:Wow i thought he'd fall into the sea.

Toad:[Walks to goku]Wow goku,you punched wario into corber's cliff!

Luigi:Where is he?[Kicks toad].

Toad:Ow,goku just slammed them into corber's cliff.

Goku:Yeah,me and mario defeated him.

Toad:hmm,Speaking of mario where is he?

Luigi:Don't play dumb!,Everyone knows that before you and me fainted my dumb brother saved me and you!

Toad:I was knocked out seconds before you.

Goku:Oh an explosion knock mario into space.

Luigi:I bet mario will come down any second and slammed into toad.

Goku:I wouldn't say that,because last time mario beat you up because you threw him into the cliff!

Toad:The same cliff!

Luigi:Right now![Mario screams as he slammed back into the world and hits toad]Called it!

Goku:[Laughs]Mario is missing a boot[Mario's boot hits luigi and he faint]Never called anything because he might come back to you,like karma!

[The scene shows wario getting out of his self hole and suddenly the police handcuffed him].

Wario:Oh come on!

[Wario's mega fireball comes from no where and explodes and sends police flying].

Wario:[His handcuffs turn into dust]Ha-ha,I'm unstoppable!

[The chief tackles wario and puts handcuff back on him].

The chief:Not was fast punk![Puts glasses on and looks at the sun]You have backup!

[The scene shows a dark room with a chair].

Bowser:[Roars maniacally].

Bowser jr:[Laughs evilly].

[Episode ends].