[The episode begins with fixing his glasses and wendy putting on power].

Iggy:And almost there and,done!

Wendy:I'm going to look so pretty.

Roy:Who are you going to look pretty for,The guards?

Wendy:Your just jealous because your not a lady!

Bowser jr:[Running into the room]Family meeting come one people let's go!

Roy:[Playing on phone]Tell my old man to chill and give me a few minutes,and if i lose i'm going to take my angier out on iggy.


Wendy:Bowser you ned to chill Out and be clam and mature like me!

Bowser jr:Well true i am impatient and a little goofy,I see your point.

[Roy's phone died].

Roy:Darn it!,Battery died,[Ball up his fist]That's it i'm going to-.

[Bowser jr hits roy with a frying pan].

Bowser jr:That's for not paying attention!

Wendy:Hah-ha!,He got hit with a classic!

[Bowser jr hits wendy with the frying pan].

Bowser jr:And that's for confusing me!

Iggy:[Blocks]And here comes the pain!

Bowser jr:Well i don't have to hit you because you was listening.

Iggy:Thanks jr!

[The scene changes to bowser jr and iggy dragging wendy and roy to the meeting room].

Bowser jr:[Straining]How much does this guy eat?

Iggy:Wendy is a little heavy.

Ludwig:Oh so now bowser jr comes?

Lemmy:It only being 3 minute since he left.

Larry:What a drag!

[A rimshot happens

Iggy:What was that?

Larry:That's what happens when you make a joke,Sore easy!

[Another rimshot happens].

Lemmy:Sore easy![Laughs],It's funny!

Larry:What a clamic!

[Rimshot happena again].

Ludwig:Let me guess your going to make another punsy joke!

[Ludwig laugh while a final rimshot happens].

Bowser:Enough joke!!!

All:[Expect roy]OKAY!!

Bowser:Now,we need to fine a plan to-.

Ludwig:Another plan to destroy mario and marry princess peach and rule the whole galaxy and blah blah-.

Bowser:[Turns into gas and disappears to ludwig and holds his neck]This is the last time you are going to intuppet me,capessh.

Ludwig:[Strained mutter]capessh.

Roy:[Getting up]Huh what happ-[Bowser jr hits him with a shovel]-Oof!

Iggy:Why you did that?

Bowser jr:He could hit you.